If you want to protect your outside space from hot sun this summer, then you might want to consider fitting awnings to the walls of your property. Awnings are the best way to provide shade and shelter for those staying outside, and if you want my advice about the best type of awnings for Forster homes. These shades can come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and Mid Coast Home Improvements can help you by suggesting a few of the most common options.

Retractable awnings

Perhaps the most popular type of awnings for the side of buildings are those which can be folded or even rolled up so that they take up a minimum amount of space. They can offer you greater flexibility, and they are also relatively low maintenance, making it ideal for homeowners.

Motorised retraction

These are another favoured option for homeowners, particularly as motorised options much easier to use. However, as they use more complicated systems, they are typically more expensive, so you have to decide whether this is a suitable option for you.


If you do not want the stress of installing a permanent awning on your home, then you may wish to consider using a movable shade instead. While these are great for sunny days, Mid Coast Home Improvements would recommend that you choose other options, since movable shades are not very stable, and will not protect you against wind or rain.

Exterior awnings

If you want something more permanent for the side of your home, then you may wish to choose exterior or permanent awnings. These are fitted to your exterior in the same way as a porch or cover for windows, and can be very sturdy. You may have these custom-designed so that they fit unusual house or patio shapes, and can form part of a larger outdoor living space.

Window awnings

If you are more interested in preventing excess sunlight from coming into your home than covering your exterior space, then you may want to consider window awnings. These covers can be stationary, retractable, or motorised, depending upon your style choices.

Find great awnings with us

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