Many of you know that Mid Coast Home Improvements is the company to go to if you need a home improvement in Forster, but is it true that getting home improvements done can help the resale value of a house? In some cases, it is very true that you can improve the sale price. However, you should be careful with what you change. Here is a little more information on the subject that comes from our agents in the field.

The Marble Toilet

There was a woman who decided her house needed marble toilets in order to increase the price of her house. She knew that improving the bathroom was a good way to add thousands to the cost of a house. Sadly, her toilets were a complete waste of money because few people are looking to pay extra for a house with overly expensive marble toilets.

The Black Bathroom

Another couple decided that a completely black bathroom would look sleek and posh. Everything was black, from the toilet to the bath, with only a small section of grey that ran around their walls. In reality, this couple alienated most buyers and reduced their number of buyers dramatically to the point where they had to sell at a loss.

The Hand Sink in the Kitchen

Figuring that her sink was too big because she had a dishwasher, she had her regular sink pulled out and replaced with a hand sink. When people viewed the house, they thought the hand sink was a result of a very cheap remodel. Some even thought it was a workman’s sink because maybe the business was a builder’s office.
Many buyers also thought that the hand sink meant the entire kitchen wanted a remodel, and people who asked for a reduced price always brought up the fact that the kitchen needed gutting and remodelling. If the woman had left the regular sink where it was, her buyers would have had a harder time picking faults with the house and she may have sold far quicker than she did.

Conclusion: Plan Carefully and Seek Advice

It seems that the most wasteful types of home improvement are ones where people fail to plan their project. It is also true that some people have very misguided ideas on what increases the price of a house. For example, being unique is not as saleable as many people think. Seek advice from our professionals at Mid Coast Home Improvements if you're looking to make money from your refurbishments and home improvements. We're specialised on patios & awnings, carports, insulated outdoor roofing, sunrooms, decks and more. Feel free to call us for advice or any questions you might have.